3 Cool Design Apps We Just Discovered

Irwin Weiner ASID - I can imagine a very special 12 Step program for me. Here's how one of my meetings would begin.
My name is Irwin.
Hello, Irwin.
I'm an Apple-holic. I admit to being completely obsessed with my iPhone and my iPad. I look at the bright screen in the dark, in bed, at stop lights when I'm driving, and during my client appointments - because there are so many great apps that help me with my interior design business. What did I do before Apple came along?
If you're an Apple-holic, too, you can relate. Or any other tablet and SmartPhone user as well (Android apps are great, and I admit I'm addicted to them when we use our Google TV). I ran across these three relatively new (to me) home design industry apps that continue to add to the growing functionality of mobile devices and their many uses in everyday business and residential life - including inspiration and generating great ideas.
Click on these links for more information on Edition29 ARCHITECTURE, the Schumacher App, and SnapShop Showroom.




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