More Interiors from the 2012 Kips Bay Decorator Show House

Sitting Room by Charlotte MossJanet Ramin - A walk in the French countryside inspired designer Charlotte Moss to create her sitting room at the 2012 Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Named “Behind the Hedge,” the space gloriously captures the French outdoors with a trompe l’oeil mural of a chateau garden and flourishes of greenery. The walls are sensuously draped in green velvet by Arabel fabrics and box hedges breathe life to the room. (The trompe l'oeil mural is by Osmundo Echevarria). 

Living Room by Bunny Williams, Brian McCarthy, and David KleinbergDesign team Bunny Williams, Brian McCarthy and David Kleinberg envisioned this bold living room. Providing the main focus of the room is the colorful tapestry by architect Le Corbusier. Its red, black, and white colors are reproduced in the Dupre-Lafon sofa, the zebra rug, the red-upholstered wood chairs and the bright draperies. The parchment wrapped waterfall coffee table is by Vosges.

Library by Jaimie DrakeGreen was the dominant color in this year's Kips Bay, and designer Jaimie Drake dreamed up this jungle mood for a library room. Snaked across the walls is an emerald grasscloth wallpaper. The glacial cocktail table from Lorin Marsh further plays up the green motif. Below, green painted bookcases line the walls. Palm trees emphasize the tropics. To give an air of sophistication to the library, Drake enveloped the ceiling in hammered silver paper. Dominating the room is a phantasmagoric oil painting by Andy Harper called Winter Gate.

Library by Jaimie DrakeCharles Pavarini designed this ultra-chic "Black, White, and Red All Over" bedroom full of decorative delights. The leather-wrapped platform bed custom designed by Pavarini floats over the Ironwork carpet by Stark. A resin painting by Damian Robinson provides red fire to the room as sculpted butterflies dance across the mirrored walls.

(Bedroom by Charles Pavarini)



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