Do-It-Yourself Video - Bathtub Caulking Tips

Irwin Weiner ASID - The old caulk between my NYC apartment bathtub and the tile wall is gross. It's starting to mildew and it refuses to look clean, even after a solid scrubbing. And I don't think the seal is very secure, so it's time to remove the old caulk and start again. The following featured video is from The Family Handyman and shows you the best ways to remove old caulk and how to lay a nice, smooth caulk bead without sloppiness.

Click on the photo above to learn a clever trick for smoothing a caulk bead with your fingertip, without the sticky mess. And click this link for more Bathtub Caulking Tips from The Family Handyman. With all these tips, I guess there's no excuse not to remedy the caulk problem in my bathroom. (Now if there were only a video with tips on how to avoid DIY procrastination!)