Beautiful Jewelry and Decorative Objects at De Vera

Irwin Weiner ASID - Last week I told you how I was early for a client appointment in lower Manhattan and took advantage of the extra time to go for a Soho neighborhood stroll, discovering some teriffic design stores. A cluster of posts on Design2Share have been devoted to telling you what I found during my pre-meeting walkabout - and my final post is on De Vera.

Federico de Vera designs jewelry. He collects art, religious artifacts, historic antiques, rare and curious oddities from all over the world - and they're found in NYC in two stores. I discovered his One Crosby Street location, but there's also one at 26 East 81 Street on the Upper East Side. It's difficult to describe any single object that I saw because, quite frankly, objects zoom in and out of the De Vera shops. Consider this the H&M of high-end decorative objects and one-of-a-kind jewelry. By all means, visit De Vera and enter Federico's fascinating world of collecting, designing, curating, and decoration.


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