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Irwin Weiner ASID - Are you a design student or a furniture designer? Do you want to design and produce home goods and furnishings, but you have no practical outlet? With retailers playing it safe and stocking only from The Big Guys these days, being an indie designer means you'll likely have difficulty breaking through. may be a great solution for you - and if you're a homeowner, check out their Shop for inexpensive, original home goods from talented newbies.

Think of it as supporting a Sundance or art house movie versus purchasing a ticket to yet another major motion picture blockbuster. Case in point: check out Jessica Bogart's Conflicted Corrugation chair in today's featured video; see how a talented designer got her work producted in collaboration with the Groopti team.

According to Adam Wihlborg, co-founder, 

There aren’t many options out there today that foster the creative spirit so necessary in furniture design. We’ve been involved in the manufacturing industry for several years, and have witnessed a disconnect between the design community and big-business retailers. Retailers have focused on playing it safe, especially in today’s economy, and unfortunately designers have been pressured to conform.

We’re firm believers in innovation as the focal point of growth, both culturally and economically, so we created - a place where creative thinking and diversity are rewarded. We challenge the traditional production model, and push designers to develop products that people crave – not what makes us the most money. Designers are completely free to share any of their designs and ideas on the site and not only get comments and feedback from the community, but also have their designs developed at affordable prices. 

I love this venture, and it should fly high. Please visit - support indie designers today, and help launch the career of tomorrow's design superstars! 


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