5 Skinny Bathtubs Important for Tight Bathroom Spaces

Irwin Weiner ASID - I'm grateful to manufacturers for producing skinny bathtubs. Instead of the standard 32- to 35-inch-wide tub here in the States, it's great that companies like

Duravit are offering a 27 inch or 700 mm alternative. There are 5 skinny tubs pictures in this post - please click on each photo for more product information.

Many apartments and smaller homes have to meet code-required door swings to allow access in and out of bathrooms, or tubs have to fit into a too-narrow alcove. For many homeowners, they've

had to eliminate the bathtub due to limited space. I'm glad manufacturers are more and more offering so-called "skinny" tubs as well as slim-profile toilets to economize on valuable bathroom space.

The fact is, tubs are good for home resale. They're great for bathing babies and children. Some cultures require a bathtub. And I've never seen a home's resale hindered by the presence of at least one tub. So if your space is tight, look for a skinny tub to help remedy your space dilemma.

When space is at a premium, these skinny tubs often come to the rescue. The five tube photographed here are some of my favorite skinny-minis; click on the photographs for more product information - and be sure to read our Design2Share special checklist, 7 Ways to Better Feng Shui in Your Bathroom for more bathroom tips.