2 Videos Highlighting Toronto Interior Design Show 2012

Irwin Weiner ASID - The Toronto Interior Design Show 2012 this January saw a resurgence in up-north style that spanned the globe. We were impressed with the imaginative use of shipping containers, with designers and studios turning them into living spaces (see above, from Mason Studio, Toronto), and the room that Piero Lissoni designed (see below, the show's official international guest of honor - what do you think of the bookshelf with books spine-in, showing off pages; it's a look!).

The official show overview video is directly above ... and delightful interior design blogger Kat Bell of Kat Bell Designs visited the show and took the video highlight reel (below) of some of the sights, designs, and innovative products that made an impression on her. Visit the Kat Bell Designs blog for more details and show follow-ups - and also click on the photos above for highlights of the show - both photos and commentary from Post City Magazine's Karolyne Ellacott.  


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