5 Favorite Dorothy Draper Furniture Reproductions from Kindel

Irwin Weiner ASID - This is Hollywood Regency Glamour Week at Design2Share, and we're celebrating by remembering the amazing work of inspirational interior designer and businessperson Dorothy Draper. I forcefully underscore "businessperson," because Ms. Draper was really one of our first American designers to build her own legendary brand, dominating popular taste with her commercial and residential projects from the 1930s through the 1960s; folks like Martha Stewart and every other brand-name designer owe Dorothy Draper a debt of gratitude for her trailblazing. (Click here for Design2Share's Bio on Dorothy Draper.)

Kindel Furniture, in association with Dorothy Draper & Company owner and president Carleton Varney, keep the Dorothy Draper Collection alive and well, with stunning reproductions. I'm showing five of my favorites in this post (click on the photo for more information). I encourage everyone to be bold and daring with this furniture! You can order the Camellia House Bench, for example (see photo above), without upholstery, take it to an auto body shop, have it spray-lacquered a hot color, then add fake mink or naugahyde or some other mad fabric for a great look in a bedroom.

We're also featuring a great video showing how Kindel's workroom custom upholsters her signature Vanity Chair. For lovers of fine furniture making, you'll get a kick out of watching the time-lapse, step-by-step upholstering process. Go to the Dorothy Draper Collection on the Kindel Furniture website for more information on a line that's still carrying the Hollywood Glamour torch.


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