4 Quick Decorating Tips for Boring Bathrooms

Alyssa Davis - If your bathroom is a visually boring place, perhaps it's time for a much-needed change. Although bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in a home, there's no need to go small on the decor and overall look. In fact, with just a modest amount of decorating and perhaps the addition of a bright new shade, your bathroom just might become the most visually exciting room in your home. If you're ready to transform your boring bathroom into a decorating showcase, here are some tips to help get you started.

1. Pick a Fun Theme

Although you might not want to choose a fun and funky theme for a formal master bathroom, it can be a nice approach to take with other bathrooms throughout your home. For example, imagine how great your children's bathroom would look when decorated in a funky theme. A low-key, casual beach theme, for instance, is a great approach to take when decorating a bathroom. Not only does it look great, but the casual nature of the decor also makes it easy to keep neat, tidy, and organized.

It's easy to create just the right look when decorating a themed bathroom, thanks to the wide variety of themed bathroom accessories you'll find on the market today. For example, you'll find no shortage of beach metal wall decor from which to choose.

2. Keep It Sleek and Simple

You might enjoy a more detailed decorating style throughout the rest of your home. However, the bathroom is one room that can definitely benefit from a simpler approach. When you factor in all the time and effort it takes to keep a bathroom neat, clean and sanitary, you can definitely see how simple and sleek is better than frilly and fussy when it comes to decor.

When choosing decorating accents for the bathroom, it's a good idea to think in terms of how washable and water-resistant the items are. For example, the bathroom would not be a place where you'd want to hang paper sculptures or anything else that could be damaged by moisture. Metal art for bathroom walls can be a good approach to take, along with anything made from tile. Wall decor can also be a much better choice in the bathroom as compared to items designed to sit on counters or shelves, in order to save space.

3. Make It Efficient

Although bathrooms might be small, they're certainly one of the busiest rooms in your home. When decorating the bathroom, it's important to arrange everything in an efficient manner. Storage options should be selected with convenience in mind. Think in terms of how your bathroom is really used, and then follow that lead when decorating. After all, if your bathroom is arranged efficiently, it will be much easier to use - and clean.

4. Focus on Relaxation

In addition to being efficiently arranged, your bathroom should also be a place where you can go to relax. This is especially true in the case of master bathrooms. When you come home from a busy day, think how nice it would be to retreat to a spa-designed bathroom. Thick towels, cushioned bathmats, relaxing decor, and other spa-inspired features can be used to transform a boring bathroom into a sumptuous retreat.


Alyssa Davis is a Design Specialist on the Metal Wall Art website team.