The 8 Best Interior Design Color Sources

Irwin Weiner ASID - I love how both the fashion and interior design industries are run by "trends." So-called experts and manufacturers come out at the start of each new year with their color trend prognostications. They group colors together into compelling "stories" and tie in editorial hogwash aimed at attracting consumers.
"These shades of green will give you the comfort you're looking for in a world plagued by a declining economy - and who can't use a reassuring life?" "These colors radiate warmth and sunniness, putting you into a good mood and energizing your life." It all sounds good, but it boils down to the very real psychology behind colors. 
Cool and warm colors impact our moods, and if you're running a paint company or coming out with new appliances or floor fashions or wall coverings, it pays to tap into the psychological vein, spin some color palette stories, and call them hot trends in the hope that consumers will buy more of your products. 
I don't think color trends amount to compelling information you must  use to keep your house fresh, au courant, and trendy - you know how I hate that. Be done with the fashion victim "hot color of the year" cycle and make your home timeless looking. Stop being a trend slave. But do look at what the color experts are putting together when it comes to "color stories."
These can be helpful ways to group colors that make sense and sometimes form surprising color blocks that might shake your interiors out of the doldrums. Experts are putting these stories together, so look at a variety of them and gravitate towards the one that you'd like to live around day after day in your home. Here are the 8 best sources that can give you color inspiration; click on the links below for more information.


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