Academy Award Movie Designs - Paris Nouveau-Steampunk Style in "Hugo"

Irwin Weiner ASID - I grumble about having to go to the movies, but sometimes I'm absolutely delighted by the experience ... once I'm sitting down and feeling swept away by a good story. I love shopping for interiors with clients in Paris, and that's why I so loved watching the visual 3D treat that was Hugo, an Academy Award nominee this year for Best Picture and Art Direction, among other accolades.
The styling of this Martin Scorsese movie was amazing. The details of Paris interiors and public spaces like libraries, opera houses, movie theaters, and the train station were precise and mindblowing. There was a heavy steampunk feel to the movie, as we went behind the scenes of the train station and saw 3D steam coming from elaborate pipe systems and the intricate gears and fittings of the illuminated clock tower. 
In the following movie trailer, you'll see a wide spectrum of set decoration, design, and beautiful accessorizing from the film. All told, this is one of my favorite movies.