Hot Home Decorating Trend - African Style

Irwin Weiner ASID - It's not just that I'm noticing this trending towards all-things African in interior design just because I'm from Africa. It's fairly obvious that something has trended towards the masses and it's a big story when you're seeing the front of Home Goods stores plastered with African accessories and tabletop items.
Vernacular African decor uses lots of hand-carved wood, beautiful lacquered finishes, large scale, bold design, and bright prints ranging from overscale florals to metallics and animal skins. "Natural" is what it's all about, but I'd say it's more "super-natural," a bit larger than life, yet still warm, generous, and inviting.
There are colonial influences in traditional African design along with the dominant native motifs. You'll enjoy the following video we just took in my native Cape Town. Jay spent time interviewing Moenieba and Lesley at Colonial House Design. The interior design house and manufacturer typifies the trendiness of the African design movement in everything they create and customize for their clients. Some of their iconic furnishings and accessories are shown in the above photos and in our video. Enjoy!