Beautiful Interiors from Downton Abbey

Irwin Weiner ASID - If you love beautiful interiors, Downton Abbey on PBS is giving you some early 1900s British decorating inspiration - the Library has a secret door that leads to the Music Room (above) and Cora's bedroom has beautiful 18th Century silk bed hangings (below). This hotly watched episodic mini-series shows the upstairs-downstairs world of an earl's estate - the real-life Highclere Castle - and we're swept away with the titled family's life, the intrigues of the serving class, and how both are swept up in the turmoil of World War I. 
Get a good story of the real Downton Abbey here, and click here to see Linda Merrill's fantastic survey of the rooms and set decorations in her Downton Abbey feature on Silver Screen Surroundings. And if you're not familiar with the television series, watch the following video trailers for the first two seasons of the show ... and be swept away.