Modern Furniture Design with Fashion Vision from STUA

Irwin Weiner ASID - I was very taken by STUA's founder Jesus Gasca and the story he relates about his mother working for Balenciaga - "The most important element of the design is in the back." Hence, Gasca makes certain that the back of furniture items are importantly designed, particularly with chairs that are meant to be seen from all angles, as when dining or desk chairs are pushed in and viewed completely from the back.
I also like their unique take on design, being Scandinavian furniture with a Mediterranean twist, evoked by the company's headquarters in the Spanish resort town of San Sebastían. Today's video showcases STUA and Gasca's vision for the company, the thought that goes into individual furniture designs, his manufacturing process, and the all-important details that are part of successful design - part function, part beautiful sculpture. Click on each image for further product information.