Design Video: Brad Ford Demonstrates the Importance of Handhelds

Irwin Weiner ASID - Bravo to interior designer Brad Ford. In an Architectural Digest video promoting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 tablet (click here to view the video), Brad shows how today's apps and handheld features are a crucial part of the interior design industry.
I use my iPad in the same way Brad uses his Galaxy: track schedules and appointments, make notes on everything from client billing hours to design inspirations, sketch and draw, take photographs of client spaces and proposed resources, and use presentation tools to show clients aspects of their projects. We use handhelds to organize our thoughts, remember resources we've just found in showrooms, and store on-the-job sketches and notes; they've become a key extension of our staff and an important tool. Watch today's video to see Brad Ford in typical designer scenarios and to hear him talk about his contemporary spaces "with soul."