Baccarat Video Showcases Elegant, Neutral Decor

Blou Je Te Vois Flou Zenith Chandelier, 24 Lights by Baccarat
Irwin Weiner ASID - I enjoyed this marketing video from French crystal manufacturer Baccarat. Aimed at showcasing the Baccarat Residences in the Dubai Pearl, it focuses on a room-by-room tour of a mansion decorated in a very subdued neutral style. Mirrored furniture, silvered and gilt furnishings, golds and beiges and tans and browns - everything emphasises two elements of the decor: the architectural bones of this luxurious space and the glitter and sparkle of the Baccarat accessories, including chandeliers, sconces, vases, wine and glass stems, and barware.
Bedroom in Baccarat Residences at the Dubai Pearl
Yes, it was a kick seeing the amazing Baccarat high-end product line highlighted like this, but it was also instructive to see how effective a neutral - or limited palette - decor can be when coupled with Hollywood Regency style mirrored furnishings and elegant crystal. The silvery and golden tones are picked up with reflected crystal surfaces and the whole is much more than the sum of its parts. That's a good goal for interior design, isn't it?