Boxing Day Special: Boxer Art

The Boxers, Michael Mavian, 2010 (1st Dibs)

Irwin Weiner ASID - Boxing Day is December 26, and please forgive the pun, but I thought it would be a good day to accent boxing artwork. Visitors to my home in Pennsylvania know that I have a beautiful mid-century serving plate from Italy hanging on the wall of my dining room, and it features a stylized boxer. I like boxing art and decor for its active elements, enlivening a room. Perfect accents for dens, family rooms, and (obviously) man caves, boxing art is an underappreciated part of decorating that I just wanted to reinforce today. So happy "day after Christmas" for those of you who aren't used to celebrating Boxing Day, and for those who do, enjoy your day with family and friends. (And a shout out to all who observe the Feast of St. Stephen, too!) Click on each photo for more art information and details. 

The Hughes Brothers (Boxing), 1975, Jean-Paul Goude (1st Dibs)

Ali with Mini Boxing Gloves, 1963, Steve Schapiro (1st Dibs)

Stags Head with Boxing Squirrels, Simon Brown (1st Dibs)

Oskar Werner and Henri Serre Mimic Waltz in Boxing Ring, 1961, Raymond Cauchetier (1st Dibs)

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