Design Video: Derek Wilson Brings Us Inside His Studio (and His Head)

Irwin Weiner ASID - Belfast, North Ireland has seen more than its share of violence and urban flight. It was devastating for the city's economy and also for its artist residents. The last five years has seen a change, however, and noted ceramicist Derek Wilson has been part of that resurgence.
There has been a boom of sorts - it was so behind other cities - with graduates staying and designers and artists setting up. There's lots of support, and it's nice to be involved in the creative resurgence.
Designs from Mr. Wilson are inspired by the colors, light quality, and industrial heritage of his beloved Belfast. Like all talented ceramics artists, his work is both highly functional and sculptural, making them absolutely ideal additions to home decor.
Watch his video interview below, and click on any of his images for more information.