New-Look Residential Architecture Crops Up in Rural Areas

Irwin Weiner ASID - I enjoy seeing new home architecture pop up in unlikely places. Rural, farm country is usually a bastion of older vernacular styles, but homeowners and architects are changing the landscape, dotting it with newer homes that fit in with the old, but provide sly twists that give them startling contemporary features.  

OFIS_Architects (Slovenia) designed their Alpine Hut to fit in with other rural buildings. They used local wood and timber. But there are energy- and water-saving features and clean, fresh lines and windows - not to mention a Dwell-like interior that's anything but "rural" - that make this project starkly modern. (And as you can see at top, Dwell magazine showcased a modern Missouri farmhouse style home on a recent cover.) Explore the Alpine Hut project from OFIS in today's featured video.


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