Michael Graves Warehouse Home in New Jersey

Irwin Weiner ASID - There are a handful of superstar architects and designers. Of course, Michael Graves is one of the few, and I was just directed to his Dwell video interview where he talks personally about the discovery and renovation of a Tuscan style warehouse in Princeton, NJ that he looks forward to returning to whenever he's able to get off the world-travel merry-go-round.

Photo: Ben Hoffman for Elle DecorIt's instructive to see where creative people live, knowing that the design elements of their own homes will help them recharge and get on the creative path once again. Mr. Graves' home features privacy, clean lines, beautiful landscaping and gardens, and soothing water features. I'd be happy to trade homes with him at any time! Visit the Michael Graves website for more information on this legendary designer and his work.


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