Debut of Zaha Hadid Architects New Roca London Gallery

Irwin Weiner ASID - What better way to communicate to the public and the trade that your bathroom brand is sculptural, contemporary, and luxurious than to have Zaha Hadid Architects design your new showrooms? That's exactly what Roca did with their new Roca London Gallery, the third project built in London by Ms. Hadid and her organization. Here is how she describes it.

Our work imbues architecture with the intricacy and beauty of natural forms. Using a formal language derived from the movement of water, the Roca London Gallery has been eroded and polished by fluidity, generating a sequence of dynamic spaces carved from this fascinating interplay between architecture and nature.

The space is not only going to be used to display Roca's product lines, which match the sculptural functionality of their new gallery space; this will become a place for many public activities, including meetings, conferences, receptions, seminars, and exhibitions that will afford the public a wider use and appreciation of this thoughtful creation.

Today's featured video shows how the architectural concepts of the Roca London Gallery, derived from the fluidity and motion of water itself.


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