Kohler's Numi Toilet "Does It All"

Irwin Weiner ASID - Global competition is normally a healthy trend as it tends to keep everyone innovating and on their toes. America's Kohler, the giant in home goods and bath and sink fixtures, has faced stiff competition from Japan's TOTO and its TOTO USA operation for bidet-functioning toilets that handle multiple tasks automatically for homeowners. Kohler's Numi toilet introduction in May 2011 launched Kohler firmly into the does-it-all toilet category, with a fully automatic toilet that opens up "for business," lights up when you're using it in the dark, sprinkles and dries off and warms your bum, heats your feet (yes!), and even plays music (yes?). It seems to do everything but serve snacks and motivate you while on diet, but that might well come in Numi v.2. And the remote control (shown here) means that you can accomplish your mission with the touch of a finger. The does-it-all-toilet war is on! Watch today's featured video as Kohler chief David Kohler introduces the Numi to the crowd at the KBIS show.