Consider Concrete Decorating Solutions for Your Home

Irwin Weiner ASID
 - I've not been quick onto the custom concrete bandwagon for home design, having relegated concrete to the realm of the too-architectural approach to home design and home decor. Concrete can be an amazing addition to a home, both as a practical design feature and as a tactile element. There's nothing cooler than a concrete floor - one kind of texture - overlaid with a shaggy knotted handmade rug - another rich contrasting texture.

Here are some of my favorite concrete applications from Concreteworks East, a supplier of custom concrete products out of East Brunswick, NJ. My personal favorite is the use of terrazzo within concrete in the tub below. Out of this world! We need to look forward to the "next thing" in design, and I like the use of color within concrete, moving away from the concrete-only look (I'm still not a huge fan of tinted colored concrete - I think the final product comes out a bit too gloomy and muddy).