Amazing Technology Turns a Patio Into a Pool

Irwin Weiner ASID - Thanks to our lovely designer friend Bev Kahn in Sydney, Australia for sharing with us the story of Hidden Water Pools. This is an amazing patent pending technology that turns a high-and-dry circular patio surface into pools of different depths (up to 6 feet deep, half that depth, and a kiddies wading pool with as little as an inch of water). The patio surface lowers and water magically bubbles up to fill the gap and create the pool area. Families with small children, in particular, will appreciate the safety features this type of pool offers - no more dangerous pool water for children to play around when they're unattended in the yard ... just raise the pool floor and the water disappears and the patio surface is back in play. Quite ingenious. Visit the Hidden Water Pools website for more information ... and enjoy the following video demonstration.