Just Released - Alberto Pinto: World Interiors

Irwin Weiner ASID - The confidence of a masterful interior designer is present on each colorful page of the new book  Alberto Pinto: World Interiors (Flammarion, 2012). I could gush about the individual treatments Alberto Pinto has created in the yachts, jets, apartments, and houses pictured in the book - from the Caribbean and Manhattan to Kuwait City - but that would not do justice to Mr. Pinto's thoughtful, inspired, detail-oriented work. But let me leave you with two overall impressions.
  • It's exciting to see what an unfettered and creative interior designer can accomplish. It's clear that in most cases, budget was no object - only excellence. And it's also clear to me that clients trusted Mr. Pinto to "do his thing" and create spatial masterpieces.
  • Alberto Pinto really understands his clients and gets into their head. There is no cookie-cutter approach to his interiors. Each is as individual as the space, the setting, and the client. There is no clamor for "The Alberto Pinto Look," which I like ... but rather, he brings out the best in each space for a client.

So, please click here to immediately purchase a copy of  Alberto Pinto: World Interiors - and click here to see photos and captions of representative interiors from this extraordinary title. I'm finding so much inspiration on each page, and I know you will too.

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