Refreshing Collaboration Between Architect and Interior Designer

Irwin Weiner ASID - Whoa! I was delighted when I found a video that documented a close and respectful collaboration between a group of architects and an interior designer. So often the two design forces have a tendency to clash and fight for turf, much to the client's consternation and dismay. I would encourage every homeowner who's seriously considering working with both sets of design professionals to watch this video to see how a house planning process should be done, either the redesign of an existing structure or creating something brand new.
I've had some training in architecture, and that's helped me respect and integrate construction and building phase planning into all my client design work; it also helps me speak the language of architecture with a client's architectural team so we can quickly get on the same page. Oftentimes architects aren't thinking, however, of the interior space that a client's family must experience every day ... and this can sometimes boil down to planning enough wall space to accommodate a client's art collection or incorporating windows overlooking an important view which we interior designers want to closely integrate into the design scheme. I extend a professional tip of the hat to UK interior designer Christina Fallah and the architects at Hampson, Williams and Kimble for having the courage to document their planning process, empathizing with the client, but at the end, realizing that the client's own degree of involvement - from hands off to micro-managing - will greatly determine the end results.