World's Largest Trade Fair + Clocks That Knit

Irwin Weiner ASID - The Salone del Mobile in Milan is the largest trade show in the world and, of course, its focus is on design. I smugly say "of course" because design impacts the most important elements of our life. We take for granted how we sit, how we use tools, what shelters us from the elements, how we see things in a dark space, how we sleep, how we prepare and serve food, and basically the shape and substance and utility and beauty of everything made by humans.

I love for covering important trade shows like Il Salone and coming back with their curated looks at what they love, what's hot, and totally unique in design. I think you'd have to go pretty far to find a more interesting designer working today than Berlin-based Siren Elise Wilhelmsen, and I was blown away by her 365 Knitting Clock which tells time by the length of a scarf that it keeps on knitting. How fantastic, tactile, and surprising! Watch the video for more Wilhelmsen surprises and a wonderful overview of Il Salone.