Today's Classic Design: Timeless Elements with a Twist

Irwin Weiner ASID - Every creative person needs to recharge batteries now and then. The following video completely plugged me in and inspired me ... and I wanted to share it with all our Design2Share readers. Roman & Williams is a NYC architectural and interiors firm, and they're the geniuses behind one of my favorite city spaces, the Ace Hotel (see photos above and below). Their video interview underscores the need for interiors to be timeless, incorporating classical design elements - travel around the world to get a sense of older design elements than we're used to seeing in the States - into something that evokes memory. But add a twist so the work doesn't become a copy.

When my clients compliment me on how well their interiors are "aging," I know that the timeless, classical elements we've incorporated into their project help keep their work from dating. Soon, all those granite countertops and no-wires-showing interiors are going to look like relics, while those interiors that have been artfully distressed and classically designed keep on wowing. Watch Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman & Williams and see what I mean.