Right Time to Consider a Small or Micro House

Irwin Weiner ASID - Victorian homes and McMansions - why are these two large-scale family homes relics of the past? First, they waste space. Many supersized homes are beyond human scale. They dwarf the inhabitants and oppress the spirit. I've seen it happen so many times. While it's good to have a enough space to avoid getting on one another's nerves, large homes have a tendency to promote isolation and weaken the fabric of the family unit ... you stay in your rooms and isolate yourself, you don't come together for meals. Microhomes and small homes are an antidote. They use far fewer building materials so are cheaper to build, they take up a smaller land footprint so you can incorporate more yard and outdoor rooms into your lot's building scheme, and they're infinitely more energy efficient and cost less to maintain. I have two featured videos for you today. One is a new microhouse, built quickly and efficiently on a concrete pier anchor (no basement).

And this video shows a Maine couple's bungaloo addition, giving us new perspectives on small homes - start small, get to know your home, center your family, and plan the ideal dream addition (in other words, add only what will add value to your home and to your lives once you get to know the space you're in).