Flipping Out - Interior Design's Guilty Pleasure

Jay Johnson - It's been great fun for the past four seasons of Bravo TV's Flipping Out to see star designer Jeff Lewis morph his business with the present economy. He was all about flipping houses ("flipping out" refers both to Jeff's real estate transactions ... and his paranoid and OCD mood swings), but that changed as the reality series progressed into a more full-fledged design business. According to his former assistant and now COO, Jenni Pulos, new season five of the show will see Jeff's business expand beyond residential to take in another restaurant and perhaps a hotel. Watch our featured video below, an interview with Jenni, and see the decorating trends she's noticing from the front lines of interior design. Okay, this is one of my big TV guilty pleasures, along with much of the HGTV lineup. I love Flipping Out for the hysterical Zoila Chavez, Jeff's live-in maid. Do you love watching them, too?