Turn a Room in Your Home Into a Multi-Functional Library

Irwin Weiner ASID - In New York, each room has to serve multiple functions. A "spare room" (ha! - what a concept in cramped and crowded NYC apartments) has to be a guest room, dining room, study, TV room, game room ... and library. And why not? Gone are the days when a living room served only one purpose, which was to be a seldom-used museum, a shrine to show off the formal furniture you inherited from Grandma (it was ugly when she had it, and you're carrying on your family's tradition of ugly). Perish forbid that anyone would ever sit in the living room without company, relax, hang out, study, play games, or LIVE in the living room! I wanted to share with you two sources of inspiration to help you rethink the function of one or more rooms in your house or apartment. First, click on the beautiful NYC apartment library photo above to see master designer Jamie Drake's work and other fine designer's takes on the home library; always-excellent Decorati ran a two-part series that really inspires! And take a look at the following HGTV Top 10 video to see Jamie Drake's fresh take on a colorful and multi-functional NYC library-guest room-breakfast room-dining room-study area. Beautiful job, as always, Jamie. And read our Designers We Love piece on Jamie Drake, too, for more inspiration.