Prototype Daybed from Top Ergonomic Designer

Irwin Weiner ASID - Comfort isn't always about thick cushions. The science of ergonomics is starting to dictate furniture styles that conform to how the body can do work yet remain relaxed, supported, and harm free. Repetitive actions like sitting at a workstation all day and typing at a computer can lead to injury, and Humanscale comes to the rescue with workstation peripherals and accessories - including their Daybed prototype (see photo above and video below). The Daybed - from master designer Manuel Saez - would help homeowners spend a couple of hours comfortably watching television and/or typing at a laptop computer. The lower back, head, and feet are comfortably supported and the swing-arm table adjusts to the best angle for typing. Thanks to LX TV - Lifestyle Television - for this look behind the scenes at Humanscale as they work on this special lounger.