Each Glass of Wine is a Taste of Place

 Irwin Weiner ASID - I was extremely moved by the videos produced by Wilson Daniels Films. They specialize in capturing the essence of a winery, and that includes generations of tradition, passion for growing quality grapes, families living in the main house (and what beautiful homes indeed!), and a lifestyle that respects both land and grapes. 

In this first video, you'll meet the Schram family behind Schramsberg Vineyards, dubbed America's House of Sparkling Wine. Try not to swoon too much when you catch glimpses of the family's historic Victorian home (see photo above).

You'll see a lot of the same patterns of storytelling in this next vineyard video, which showcases the Alsace based Marc Kreydenweiss vineyards. Perfect shadows cast on a perfectly dressed family, well-posed people and beautifully turned phrases. Wine documentaries are meant to be set pieces that try to capture the essence of a family's wine business, so you'll see similarities from one vineyard to the next. But you absolutely get a sense of the family and the pride of heritage that uniquely combines everyday life with business. Where they live is all about how they earn a living and why they love living there. And I also wouldn't mind living in the Kreydenweiss family home, with its hundreds-of-years village history.



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