All You Need to Know to Set Up a Great Cheese Party

Matt Armendariz / Matt Bites

Irwin Weiner ASID - Summertime entertaining should be simple dimple. It's time to move at a slower pace, enjoy life, and simmer down. Cheese plates are the perfect accompaniments or solo stars at any summer gathering, and in this wonderful video, you'll find everything you need to know from photography-blogger-foodie Matt Armendariz - he helms one of our favorite blogs, Matt Bites. Watch him style his food shots, pair condiments with different cheese themes, and make some great recommendations for your next party or family-and-friends impromptu gathering. Remember: keep it simple, take cheeses out of the fridge an hour before you serve (leave the brie out longer and let it get super mushy and ready to dip crackers directly into the tasty goo), and add some delish chilled white wine for the perfect summer party.