Two Weddings: Minneapolis and Bali

 Jay Johnson - As luck would have it, when good news came to my family recently, it came in pairs. Both my daughter Meredith and my son Kyle were married (unplanned) the same week! My daughter married her partner Chriss on July 9th in a lovely Minneapolis, Minnesota commitment ceremony (see photo above; Chriss on the left and Mer on the right and below) and then they tied the knot officially in Vancouver, Canada in a civil ceremony.

But our son Kyle flew in from Bali, Indonesia two days before the wedding and announced that he and his Balinese girlfriend Meita had gotten married in a civil ceremony on July 4th (see next photo, below); they'll be married in a short religious ceremony in August and then the families will get together for an expanded Hindu ceremony, likely in Spring 2012.

Irwin and I can't wait to join with Meita (below) and her family in celebrating yet another wonderful wedding. I've run out of children and weddings, but now it's grandchildren and a trip to beautiful Bali to look forward to! In this Roger Uzun video, there are some beautiful highlights of what's in store on the magical island.




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