Secret Compartments and Hidden Drawers

Popular Woodworking

Irwin Weiner ASID - We came across Carlo Alfredo Clerici, an Italian clinical psychologist who loves to take videos - and he's a real history buff. We were drawn to the following short video where he explores all the secret drawers in a wonderful antique cabinet. We have a chest of drawers in our bedroom that has a secret drawer, too! You open up the top right drawer, feel along the top left side of the drawer cavity, and there's a little nub of wood that you lift up and your hands can slide out the central panel in the front of the chest to reveal a secret drawer. What fun when antiques can speak of a time when there was little privacy and security, and ingenious craftspeople designed woodwork with hidden compartments. You'll be fascinated by all the little tricky places to hide things in this cabinet . . . . 


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