NYC Hotel Puts Art Installations in the Spotlight

(47th Street View of "Billowing Beauty" Photo: Nova Colette Bronstein) 

Nova Bronstein - The Lab Gallery of The Roger Smith Hotel, located in the center of the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan, is a rotating candy store for the eyes.

(Photo: Nova Colette Bronstein)

(Photo: Nova Colette Bronsein)Standing on the corner of 47th and Lexington and peering through the windows at this brightly colored and compelling beauty, I was confronted with a locked door. I felt like a small child eagerly looking up at a glass jar of cookies high on a shelf, visible, but clearly not within reach.  It's almost painful to ONLY watch the mixed concoction of Dr. Seuss meets Parisian whimsy in this aerated dreamscape - the pieces lift and fall, swell and sway, beckoning you to touch. 

These playful animated works are the creation of French artist Anne Ferrer. The self-proclaimed, "frustrated sculptress" finds solace only once having completed her sensuous forms. These earthy, root-like behemoths are hand-stitched out of fabric and breathed into life with pumps of air.  

What is her goal? To instill in all of us the feeling of "ravishment!" And she does. Oh, she does! 

For those of you who are like me - jewelry inclined -imagine those luscious forms broken down to outlines, silhouettes, or combinations of color. Anything you're drawn to can serve as inspiration for the next creation. Let the "ravishment" prevail! 

The Lab hosts 20 or more installations per year, which equates to something new on view about every three weeks. Swing by the gallery to witness an ever-rotating mix of creativity on display - and enjoy the following video portrait of Ferrer's installation.   


Article reprinted with permission of the Sheffield School in New York. Design2Share encourages you to explore your creative side; check out the newly-launched Jewelry Design Course offered at the Sheffield School. With thousands of active students and more than 50,000 graduates, Sheffield has trained more design professionals than any other school in the world.


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