Adrienne Chinn's Urban London Collection Celebrates the Gritty City


Irwin Weiner ASID - Digital images can make thrilling wallcoverings - witness the new Urban London collection of fab treatments from London's superb interior designer Adrienne Chinn, in collaboration with textile designer Annette Taylor-Anderson. Adrienne describes her inspiration for the new mural line, which also includes textiles, rugs, and hand-blown glass tie-backs. 

"I was inspired by focusing on the things we walk by everyday but ignore or discount - the grilles, graffiti, man-hole covers and pavement marks. The more I looked the more I saw - patterns, textures, colors. I went looking for beauty in unlikely places, and I'm happy to say I found it. So many of us live in urban environments of buildings and concrete and we dream of escape to the country. But I say, look around you. The beauty may not be as obvious but it is there, and it's all the more appealing for its hidden quality."



The following video shows you more details of Adrienne's Urban London digitally printed wallcoverings.



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