Down with "That Unfinished Look"


Irwin Weiner ASID - I watched the following video fully expecting to hear a litany of interior design mistakes that men make. Yes, I heard a few goodies, but the main reason to watch this video is to hear a design philosophy (or two) that I heartily second: finish off the decorating in a room to give it a more sophisticated, finished look. There's nothing worse than half-hearted attempts to decorate, leaving the project dangling for all to see. It looks sloppy, and it will convey to everyone that you either got intimidated by the work or was very bored by it. You're sentenced to live in the half-baked results day after day. Avoid living in purgatory; make an effort and finish what you start. Thanks to Montreal, Canada's Igloo Design and designers Alain Courchesne and Anna Abruzzo for some thought-provoking design opinions in this video.  


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