Thick as a Brick


Irwin Weiner ASID - Remember when you first became aware of bricks? It might have been your Legos or building block sets, and the wonderful sense of accomplishment as you stacked these little rectangular units to form walls and whole structures. My partner Jay grew up in a brick house in Peoria, Illinois and has fond memories of it; his mother kept the family's brick tradition going when they moved to Iowa, putting up a brick front porch with "sloppy mortar" squeezing out between the bricks like whipped cream. 

It's fascinating to see the way architecture for both homes and commercial structures is evolving with brick as the primary construction material or external cladding.This video shows off the best of brick-inspired architecture, and you'll see everything from an amazing home in the German countryside (see above photo) to a brick museum that I wouldn't mind moving into! Thanks to Wienerberger, the UK company that's the largest manufacturer in the world of bricks and their annual Brick Awards.


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