When Decorating Relies on Really Good Bones


Irwin Weiner ASID - No, it's not Halloween or the Mexican Day of the Dead . . . but I decided to dwell on the darker side of interior design today and ruminate on all the different ways we can add bones (literally) to our home decor. "Good bones" most often describes the positive architectural features of a space, such as high ceilings, decorative arches, moldings, and attractive passage doorways. But I was drawn to how human bones have been increasingly creeping and clattering into our decor, from wallcoverings (see above: Beware the Moon's Skulls Wallpaper, Bronze on Oil Slick) to furniture (see below: Vanitas collection, including a skull chair, vertebrae floor lamp, and brain ottoman). The trend is not new, as you'll see in our creepy featured video of the famous bone-encrusted interior of the Kostnice Ossuary in the Czech Republic.



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