Color Challenged? Buy Some Palettes!


Irwin Weiner ASID - Clever Seattle interior designer Emily Lauderback hitched her wagon to the color train - she has a specialty now of helping clients out with color selections. First approached by a Venetian plaster company to help them out with clients who couldn't make up their minds when it came to making color choices, Emily developed what she calls Dwelling Palettes, each comprised of 12 Benjamin Moore paint samples, that harmonize together. Use the colors to apply to any interior or exterior design job, from wall colors to accents and upholstery. Go to Emily's Color in Space website for more information, and to purchase the inexpensive palettes that interest you for your next decorating job, and watch this video with Emily explaining how her color system started and how it can help clients.

Addition thoughts: Pre-selected color palettes need to be looked at with a critical eye beyond selecting colors that go well together and strike a unified theme. Colors change depending on the quality of light where you live (e.g. hot Los Angeles or Miami sun versus weak, pale light in Seattle and Stockholm) and the times of day. Live with color palettes for awhile to see what feels most appropriate for you, and how the colors look in your part of the world and how the room's light changes the value and intensity of the colors throughout the day. You'll also want to look at how monochromatic schemes and stark contrasts like black and white can add calming or dramatic notes to a room, beyond harmonizing palettes.

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