Katy's Kitchen Part 5: Backsplash


Irwin Weiner ASID - Westport, CT interior designer Katy Cleare has invited us into her kitchen, and she loves to show off the details in her meticulous, thoughtful designs. Our featured video shows off Katy's kitchen backsplash, and you'll see that she's used tile in a thoroughly executed, finished way. No raw edges for this designer! Design2Share will conclude our six-post series on Katy's Kitchen, so stay tuned for the final installment tomorrow, with lots of the designer's tips and inspiration! 

KATY'S KITCHEN DECORATING TIP: "The wood grain panels from Trueform Concrete have incrediblele wood texture and would be great for vertical wet areas like kitchen backsplashes. It really does look like wood tongue and groove."  

DESIGN2SHARE TIPS: Get more kitchen renovation and updating ideas in our article What Latest Kitchen Design Trends Do You Recommend? Also, check out these hot backsplash resources:

  • Avente Tile (see photo below) - Cuban Heritage Cement Tiles are red-hot, and they'll customize colors for you). 
  • Bisazza Mosaics, luxurious glass tile backsplashes (see top photo) with customized mural designs - imagine creating a giant, colorful flower shot through with gold accents!


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