Classics in Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Neville Johnson

Irwin Weiner ASID - Many visitors come to Design2Share looking for design help with the bedroom. We spend a good percentage of our lives in this single room, and nowadays it's become the new living room and an adult retreat center. Contemporary bedroom furnishings add sleek, modern elements to the bedroom, whether it be a guest room or a master suite - or as one frustrated wife labeled in the architect's plans for a new, separate room designed for her husband, the "Snoratorium."

With contemporary furniture of any kind, good designs rarely date. I like fresh, clean lines and sculptural forms on any piece, and they don't have to be hot and of-the-moment to catch my attention and merit a recommendation to clients. So here are a few random modern bedroom classics you'll want to look into further.

You'll get a more refined and tailored-to-your-room look if you go with contemporary custom bedroom furniture and cabinetry design from a firm like Neville Johnson, England's leader in bespoke home building solutions (see photo above for their Luxury High Gloss line of style options).


Scoop! (above) is a combination sofa-lounge-round bed; the clever pieces from Saba Italia roll together to form the round bed, or they wheel apart to form intimate seating perfect for adding extra sleep accommodations in the bedroom or any room of the house. It's intriguing to me to turn a master bedroom into an all-purpose room by subtracting the proverbial "bed in the room." Delete the bed, substitute a multi-functional piece of furniture like Scoop! and you've freed up a room to serve as a library, lounge, entertainment center, or sitting room.  

ruf-BETTEN produces the elegantly sculptural Cocoon bed (above) from designer Thomas Althouse. Now a bed like this, with its sculptural wings and swooping, upholstered lines, will never go out of style, and its side-arm design is practical and functional for folks who multi-task in bed - and who doesn't, from snacking to lap-topping!

Finally, I like the daring mock-cantilevered design of the Dylan Designer Bed by Cattelan Italia (see above and in the video below). The design is light, airy, and bold. And the bed is actually on four legs, with clever concealment of the front two legs giving that daring look of being airborne.




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