Katy's Kitchen Part 3: Storage

Irwin Weiner ASID - The way Westport, CT interior designer Katy Cleare has designed her kitchen storage solutions, she'll always have things stored safely - like knives - and face out for easy recognition - like plenty of full-length hinged cabinets inside her pantry. Katy graciously walks us through her kitchen drawers and pantry in our exclusive video, showing us those hidden spaces she uses practically every day (yes, Katy actually uses her kitchen and is a formidable chef). Design2Share will be running a six-post series on Katy's Kitchen, so stay tuned for Part 4 tomorrow, with lots of the designer's tips and inspiration! 

KATY'S KITCHEN DECORATING TIP: "I like to use the entry door selections in the hardware department for my frig and freezer pulls when I've hidden these appliances behind custom cabinetry."

DESIGN2SHARE TIPS: Eliminate kitchen clutter and make it more family friendly with the help of our new article, Resolution: Manage My Children's Art Explosion.

DESIGN2SHARE VIDEO: For the latest in kitchen storage solutions and cabinets that "do everything," watch our exclusive How to Organize and Modernize Your Kitchen video, featuring our visit to the Hafele America showroom in NYC.

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