Katy's Kitchen Part 2: Accessorize

Jordi Canosa for Remodelista

Irwin Weiner ASID - In our interview with Westport, CT interior designer Katy Cleare, we discovered some nifty tips for designing and kitting-out a kitchen. One of them was how to accessorize, and as you'll see in our video, it's not necessarily about displaying every single small appliance on your countertops. In fact, that's why we now have those specially-designed "appliance garages" or cabinetry specifically designed to store them out of sight when they're not in use. Design2Share will be running a six-post series on Katy's Kitchen, so stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow, with lots of the designer's tips and inspiration! 

KATY'S KITCHEN DECORATING TIP: "Hearth Cabinet makes a terrific line of fireplaces that can be wall hung and are fueled by canisters of alcohol. This gives the opportunity to have a fireplace in the kitchen without requiring a gas line or chimney flue, and there's minimal depth needed."  

DESIGN2SHARE BONUS VIDEO: Watching our Decorating with Collections video for even more tips.

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