Beverly Hills Interior Designer Picked by Prince William and Kate Middleton

Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors

Irwin Weiner ASID - We did a little digging and found out that Prince William and Kate Middleton have hired an interior designer . . . drumroll . . . from the United States. Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors, and Kenneth Bordewick, got the royal nod to give their rustic farmhouse near Wills' RAF air base in Anglesey, North Wales a good contemporary design making over. Spending time in the country will give the young couple much needed seclusion from the press for a year or two, then it's back in the limelight as this popular couple catapult back into everyday celebrity-watch territory.

But back to Kenneth Bordewick - read about the CA designer's interview and plans for the couple, including some previews of the couple's interior design taste. KB has royal blood himself, and a list of names and royal clients, including William's father Charles, a kilometer long. It's fascinating to me that the young royal couple chose a designer living in America, albeit a polo playing friend of Wills' father. It shows that the Beverly Hills luxe look has global reach, and money-for-high-quality is a hot commodity. I'm happy and delighted for Mr. Bordewick, and wish he and the happy couple many productive days of decorating together. I look forward to seeing the final results!

Here's a video of Kenneth Bordewick's interview at the time he designed the greenroom at the 2010 Golden Globes, and you'll see some of the palatial work he did for Michael Jackson.

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