2011 Contemporary Furniture Favorites from Vancouver

Gandia Blasco

Irwin Weiner ASID - It's impossible to keep track of every single furniture and lighting resource available for high-end interior design. But one good way to get a sense of what experts love is to see what contemporary furniture retailers are carrying in your community. Today's featured video is an interview of Livingspace Vancouver owner Ross Bonetti, and he gave us some resources that are worth looking into further:

  • Gandia Blasco (see photo above) for hand-tufted wool rugs, poufs, and furnishings - and many are designed by one of our favorites, Patricia Urquiola
  • Moooi, the whimsical Dutch design firm - look to them, in particular, for dramatic lighting
  • Minotti, an Italian line that's both classic and spare (see photo above) - I appreciate their strong, minimalistic lines and the fact that most pieces will fit well into any interior; you should accessorize around them so your space doesn't look like you've reproduced a furniture showroom, however
  • e15, manufacturer of the wonderfully sculptural ECO3 Eugene lounge chair (in above photo)
  • Diesel Foscarini, a blend of Diesel's industrial take on fashion and Foscarini's masterful production of lighting (see photo above)


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