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Jessica Ackerman - When decorating your home, it's hard to beat the beauty of nature. Regardless of whether you prefer traditional room designs or a more contemporary style of decorating, floral patterns and flowers can add the perfect touch. Because of the popularity of floral designs and patterns, you'll find an abundance of floral-themed decor from which to choose. Although floral patterns work well any time of year, they're often extremely popular as spring decor. If you'd like to add a fresh and pretty look to your home, here are some floral decorating tips to help get you started.


Floral Wall Art

If you're looking for a way to create a lot of design impact in a room, it's hard to beat the effectiveness of wall art. Large flower wall sculptures can be used to create eye-catching focal points. Or, use smaller pieces for a more subdued look. Sleek metal art pieces featuring a stylized floral theme can work well with contemporary decorating styles. Beautiful wall tapestry hangings featuring a floral theme can work well in traditionally-styled rooms. 

Beautiful Blooms

Although wall art pieces are certainly lovely, it's hard to beat the captivating beauty of Mother Nature herself. Elegant vases filled with colorful blooms will add the perfect decorating touch to traditional decorating styles. If you are short on table space, try using a hanging wall vase to display a bouquet of flowers and fresh ivy or other greenery. Even if you only have a small amount of space, it can be worthwhile to add a few flowers. For example, arrange tiny flower buds in petite vases, lining them up on the kitchen window sill to add a pretty, cheerful look.

Although fresh-cut blooms are usually the best choice when adding flowers to your home, there are also times when faux blooms can work. For example, beautiful silk blooms can look lovely when arranged on a high shelf. Although fresh flowers or live flowering plants would be equally lovely, they could be quite difficult to care for because of the height of the shelf.


Floral Decorating Accents

Sometimes you might simply want to add a few simple floral touches to a room instead of focusing on an overall floral theme. Floral patterns work quite well with a number of decorating styles. If you prefer the sleek look of modern decorating styles, avoid using fussy or frilly floral patterns. Instead, try painting a bright floral pattern directly on the wall. Or, use a large floral wall decal to create the same look. Sleek metal wall art pieces featuring a floral motif can also work well with modern decorating styles. An oversized floral photo or art print can be used to create an eye-catching focal point.

In a more traditionally-styled room, try adding small touches of floral patterns through the use of throw pillows, tapestry throws, or floral upholstery fabrics. Floral patterns can work well with many traditional patterns, such as combining floral prints and stripes. Floral themed paintings can also be used to accentuate traditional decorating schemes. Floral designs are also a natural when used in country-styled rooms. Combine floral prints with muted colors such as rose, light blue, sage green and sunny yellow to add a cottage or garden decorating touch.


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