Old Houses Need Lots of Tender Loving Care

This Old House

Irwin Weiner ASID - Is it worth it to move into an old house, knowing that there is much ongoing work to do in terms of upkeep, repairs, and renovation? The porch on my 1900 rural Pennsylvania farmhouse needed to be completely rebuilt, and the results were published in This Old House magazine - so I know that old homes can be gratifying when it comes to the finished results, satisfying in terms of preserving a piece of community and family history, and frustrating when they become money pits. I enjoyed this video showing the repainting and external repairs done to a glamorous "painted lady" home in Seattle - good job done by the Shearer Painting folks!

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PHOTO TOUR: Click hear to take a photo tour of my Pennsylvania home; I don't want you to see just the porch! That wouldn't be neighborly. Come inside and look around . . .